Digital Audiences

Digital Audiences/Data Targeting

Data Targeting Overview

ENGINE connects you to the audiences you need now.

Proprietary data connects you to any audience, anytime, everywhere with better data sources.


A Better Way to Build Audiences
ENGINE Digital Audiences are built with more comprehensive, recent and trusted data sources. Building off our proprietary insights, we’ve built 1st party audience data that enables brands to effectively identify and deliver digital ads to audiences whose minds (and lives) are constantly changing.

We believe the world doesn’t need more data, it needs better data — from sources that are more recent and precise. ENGINE creates audiences by applying recent, belief data from primary survey research to build and qualify digital behavior in our sample. On average, ENGINE’s audiences provide 20% more precise audiences.


With ENGINE’s Digital Audiences, you can:

Build + Validate:
Keeps a pulse on current beliefs through 1st party survey data

Seamlessly Scale:
Scales audiences into the wild with behave-alike matching

Match to Media:
Procures accurate results with 200+ pre-built segments